Meet the Eggsperts

Brock Trappitt

Analyst Programmer &
Engineering Eggspert

Outside of work

You might have picked up that Brock likes to learn. Well, in his spare time he likes to play with new technology and figure out where it might be applicable. He also enjoys chilling out by watch good TV and movies or listening to music.

Contact Peter

1300 INCUB8 (1300 46 28 28)

+61 8 6424 8558

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About Brock

Brock holds Bachelor of Engineering (Materials) and Science (Chemistry) degrees with Honours from UWA.

Brock has experience with:

  • PHP, Postgres and a framework environment called Symfony.
  • Ruby on Rails.
  • Javascript including ExtJS and Dojo frameworks.
  • System administration in large corporate environments

You know how a 10 year old can do more with your phone in 5 minutes than you've managed to learn in a month? Brock is our ten year-old. Give him technology and he can make it work. Like most tech-heads, Brock has a love of learning and playing with new technologies and gadgets.

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