Meet the Eggsperts

Peter Davies

Senior Developer &
All-Round Eggspert

Outside of work

Peter enjoys spending time with his family and working on sustainability projects on his farm in the South-West of WA.

Contact Peter

1300 INCUB8 (1300 46 28 28)

+61 8 6424 8558

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About Peter

  • A Director of the company, Peter’s career extends back to 1987. Having studied accounting at university, Peter became involved in programming and then network support, eventually forming Open Systems Support which grew to 27 employees by the time he sold his shareholding in 2006.
  • Pete's experience and qualifications include –

    • Redhat Certified Engineer, Trainer and Examiner since 2000.
    • Extensive experience with Linux in many applications including firewall, network appliance, telephony server, web server and database server
    • Cisco CCNA
    • C Programming experience in Linux, Microsoft Visual Studio and Microcontroller environments
    • Development of PHP, Ruby on Rails and Javascript web-based applications
    • Extensive high-level network infrastructure consulting for small and medium business
    • Extensive wireless networking experience including long distance links using 802.11, NextG and Motorola Canopy technologies

    Throughout his career, Peter has maintained a focus on open-source solutions including application development and Linux/Unix based systems. As a Director of INCUB8 and our most senior technical expert, Pete is often left to solve the most baffling of problems. There may be short periods of grumbling, but inevitably it results in a robust solution.

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