Meet the Eggsperts

Simon Cantem

Senior Analyst Programmer &
Coding Eggspert

Outside of work

Located in Dunedin, New Zealand, Simon enjoys spending time with his family. He also has a passion for photography and films.

Contact Simon

1300 INCUB8 (1300 46 28 28)

+61 8 6424 8558

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About Simon

Having studied Computer Science and Mathematics at UWA Simon began work with us as a programmer in 1999. Simon has participated in a vast number of software development projects both here and in the UK.

He has experience in an impressive array of programming tools and environments, including -

  • PHP, Apache, Postgresql and MySQL. Like Tim, Simon has been an important team member on all our large software development projects.
  • Ruby on Rails. Whilst living in the UK Simon worked as lead developer of Pulse a training system used by MI5 and SO15 (Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Unit) and a senior developer on IEMPro and Beacon products used by the London
  • Fire Brigade and local governments for incident management.
  • Javascript including ExtJS and Dojo frameworks.
  • Experience with ASP, VB and VBscript whilst working for PlanB Financial Services a superannuation management company
  • Simon is a Microsoft Certified Professional and a Red Hat Certified Engineer

Simon has a strong focus on building efficient and easy to use software for a variety of platforms. He makes the software adapt to the user, not the other way around. This focus on people, not technology, is why Simon is such a valued team member.

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