Meet the Eggsperts

Tim Davies

Senior Analyst Programmer &
Engineering Eggspert

Outside of work

Outside of work, Tim likes to go flying when the weather permits, and spends time working on projects around his farm with his wife and dog.

Contact Tim

1300 INCUB8 (1300 46 28 28)

+61 8 6424 8558

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About Tim

Having received both a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) from UWA in 1998, Tim began working in the IT industry in both software development and as a network engineer. Tim is also qualified as an instrument rated commercial pilot, which is a useful talent when dealing with regional customers.

Tim’s experience and projects include:

  • A number of applications written in PHP on a Linux, Postgres and Apache platform. Tim has been an integral team member on all our large business process software development projects.
  • Visual Basic for GPS-based mapping applications.
  • Vehicle Equipment Monitoring System. Software, initially written in Microsoft Visual C, that uses a number of servers to photograph train wheels and brake blocks as they pass overhead on the rail, take measurements from these photos and then calculate wear on key components such as brake blocks and disks. Used by British Rail.
  • Car park traffic management – gates and traffic flow management systems.
  • Extensive experience with infrastructure management including virtualisation, SANS, ISSCI, etc.
  • Expert with 802.11 technologies for both corporate wireless and long distance links

You know how some people are just freakishly intelligent? Yes, well, Tim is one of them. As a bonus, his brilliant mind does not come with a super-sized ego and he can explain the most technical 'stuff' (yes, that is a technical term) in easy-to-understand language. We think having a person like Tim on the team who can figure the really, really hard stuff out is fantastic - and you will too.

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