What’s the difference between Wordpress and Joomla?

At INCUB8 Web Design, we build websites for a living – and we love it! But how do we make decisions when there is so much on offer in the world of website hosting and design

This question can be applied to literally everything when it comes to web design – fonts, plugins, images, software. The list is endless.  

One decision we have to make with each new website we build is – which Content Management System (CMS) should we use?  

There are plenty of options out there: WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Drupal…  

INCUB8 Web Design generally sticks with two platforms: Joomla and Wordpress – two of the most widely-used Content Management platforms on the web. And using these platforms, we also like to utilise Yootheme Pro.  

But why have we made these decisions?  

Here are some of the things INCUB8 Web Design considers when choosing a CMS:  

  • Does the client need an online store – i.e. is it an e-commerce website?
  • Is the client going to be using the CMS to make changes to the website themselves?
  • What themes or templates do we want/need to use?
  • What plugins/extensions will this website require?  

Does the client require an online store to sell their goods or services on the internet?  

When a new client comes to us, one of the first things we need to know is what kind of website they need – i.e., do they need an eCommerce website?  

If the answer is no, we generally choose to build with Joomla.  

If, however, the client will be advertising and selling their goods and/or services via the internet, then we choose WordPress and WooCommerce.  

Will the client be maintaining their own website after launch?  

If our client is going to be making changes to static content or publishing their own blogs on the website after we have built and launched it, it’s generally best practice to build with a Content Management System that is easy to use and understand for non-website designers, and this is something that comes into consideration when we choose between Joomla, WordPress, or another content system.  

Do we need our themes or template to be simplistic or quite versatile?  

Using WordPress themes or Joomla templates offer their own advantages and disadvantages. We generally install Yootheme Pro which offers our web designers a lot of freedom and creativity when it comes to creating custom, bespoke websites. It also provides our clients with a visual tool making it easier for them to manage small changes to their website.  

Plugins and Extensions  

As mentioned earlier, if we need to build an e-commerce website, then we choose WordPress and WooCommerce. What about our plugin and extension choices in general, though?  

There are over 12,000 WordPress plugins available to users that are generally geared towards blog-style websites. Joomla extensions have a wider variety but as yet don’t offer a great solution for selling online.  

When it comes to considering what plugins or extensions are required, you really have to get into the details of what functions the website must perform. Is it a simple website used for advertising a product or service? Is it a complex membership website with multiple facets and functions such as individual member logins and membership renewals? Your website designer will consider all of these options when choosing between Joomla, WordPress, and other Content Management Systems.  

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