UX and UI design - what does it mean?


You’ve probably heard these terms being thrown around – but what does it actually mean?

It seems these days that no one is just a designer – they’re a UX designer or a UI designer. Or both.

These concepts have been around for decades (if not centuries) but have been defined and brought into popular usage by the modern tech industry when building digital products from websites and apps to the “Internet of Things”. 

UX and UI Design concepts are intrinsically linked, and are concerned with:

  • Functionality
  • Human behaviour
  • User testing
  • Simplicity and usability

The Basics of UX Design

UX is short for User Experience.

UX design is concerned with the functionality of a website or product – say, the organs of the body. Keywords for UX Designers include usability, ease-of-use, and customer interaction.

User Experience Designers employ many similar techniques used when undertaking Market Research.

An In-Depth look at UX Design

User Experience Design is intrinsically linked to human behaviour. A good UX Designer will constantly be thinking about how a website or product will be used and experienced by a real, live human being exhibiting typical (and sometimes not so typical) human behaviours.

Modern UX Design was first defined in the early 1990’s by Don Norman of Nielsen Norman Group Design Consultancy:

User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.

A key aspect of UX Design is user testing. This involves testing a prototype on real people who will actually be using the product – with the aim of improving the product to be the best it can be, and perform its functions in the most user-friendly way possible. These days, UX Designers are bombarded with a continuous stream of information regarding best practice and countless different methods for user testing techniques, such as this article from UX Planet. UX Design is a concept here to stay in the design world – including web design. After all, it really is just common sense.

The Basics of UI Design

UI is short for User Interface.

UI Design is concerned with the look and feel of a website or other digital product – so, you might say, the skin, hair, and makeup.

An In-Depth look at UI Design

UI Designers certainly employ a multitude of techniques from UX design practices. After all, the user interface of a product is what the user is going to be interacting with. A UI Designer focuses on maximising the usability of the product by making it as simple and efficient as possible.

Here at INCUB8 Web Design, we do our best to continually incorporate UX and UI design concepts into our web design and software development projects. We believe that every website should be easy to use and convey information by the simplest means possible – whether this is text, images, or even audio and visual. We believe in constantly evolving and learning new techniques to build our clients the best digital products possible.

To find out more about how INCUB8 can incorporate UX and UI design techniques into your next website or software project, contact us today.

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