Why Blogging Is Important And How To Blog Effectively

Most people think that blogging is important for Google Search Engine Rank (SER) - and it's true, blogging is an essential component in improving your website SER over time, BUT there are many other reasons why blogging is integral to a successful inbound marketing strategy for every business.

Here at INCUB8, our whole team know blogs are essential. More importantly, we know how to write them to bring more traffic to your website and to convert that traffic into customers. Take a few minutes to learn why you should blog, and more importantly how you should blog.

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Six Reasons You Need To Blog

  1. Increase Website Traffic
  2. Convert That Traffic Into Leads
  3. Improve Search Engine Rank/Optimisation (SER/SEO)
  4. Build Authority & Trust
  5. Compounding Results
  6. Connect With People

1. Increase Website Traffic

Your website is the centre of your marketing operations. Just about every marketing activity should focus on driving traffic to your website.

How do I drive traffic to my website, you ask?

increase website traffic

In simple terms, via search engines like Google and social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In and so on.

By regularly blogging, Google and other search engines will realise that your website is active and that they should pay more attention to it (more on this in the reason three on SEO below). It also means you are adding an extra page to your website, so there is another opportunity for you to show up in Google search results.

Pro tip. Make the title of the blog a specific question that customers looking for your product or service may ask.

Think about some common questions your customers ask you in the sales process. Those questions are what other potential customers are punching into Google.

For example, if you're a home builder, you could create a blog post called "Have your house earn you extra income on Airbnb by building a two bedroom granny flat." A blog post like this is likely to turn up in search results for people in your area searching for "two bedroom granny flats" and if they are investigating building a granny flat to earn income from their property, BINGO! You're very likely to get a click.

From the example above, you can see that blog posts allow you to target long-tail keyword searches that are VERY specific. A long-tail keyword search is one containing three words or more. Seventy percent (YES 70%!!!) of all Google searches are long-tail, AND long-tail searches result in higher conversion rates (more on that coming up).

Once you've written your blog, share it out on social media. Your content will be liked and shared by your audience, exposing you and your brand to a broader audience. Potential new customers can click on the post and be taken to your website, giving you an opportunity to CONVERT that person into a lead.

2. Convert That Traffic Into Leads

Once you have traffic coming to your website via your blog, now is your opportunity to convert that into leads.

convert traffic to leads

How do I convert website traffic to leads?

Make sure you have a call to action, opt-in or sign up to receive something of value for free.

Your blog post attracts a potential customer by answering a question they have about your product or service - and therefore starts to build trust. It is the perfect opportunity to give something of value away for free, in exchange for their contact details (name and email address or phone number). Your free offer might be an eBook, a free trial, a white paper, a checklist or instruction sheet.

Once you have their contact details, then your sales pitch process can begin! Huzzah!!

3. Improve Search Engine Rank/Optimisation (SER/SEO)

We know there are likely hundreds of metrics used by Google in determining Search Engine Rank (SER) - i.e., where you appear in Google's search results for particular keyword searches. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are the activities used to improve your visibility in Google.

Ways blogging improves SER/SEO

Keywords - We know that keywords are critical. By blogging about a topic related to your business, you're naturally going to increase the number of times these keywords appear on your website. Think about the keywords and phrases you want to rank for and use them intentionally in your blogs.

Long-tail keyword searches - As I discussed in the conversion reason above, blogging lets you target precise searches that people who need your product or service are likely typing into Google.

Active Website - Many businesses build a website and once complete, it sits there, untouched for years, until the next rebuild. You can jump ahead of your competitors in Google by adding new content regularly.

Lists - create lists as I have in this blog post. If you want to be seen in the featured results in Google, right at the top, one to the best ways to do this is to structure your blog as a question and answer that question using a brief list of bullet points that Google can use.

4. Build Authority & Trust

A well-written, informative blog shows that you are knowledgeable on the topic (authority) and immediately helps to build trust.

We've all listened to politicians on TV trying to put a spin on something and thought "You are full of $@#^!" and promptly changed the channel.

A well-researched and written post demonstrates you know what you are talking about and the reader feels comfortable in reading on, rather than shutting you down. The longer a website visitor stays on your website reading your content, the more opportunities you have to convert them from browsing to buying/enquiring.

5. Compounding Results = Massive Long-Term Gains

Let's say you publish a blog today, share it out on social media and get ten website visits and two leads. Tomorrow you get five visits and one lead. Great! But it doesn't end there.

The blog post will be indexed (added) by search engines and continue to appear in search results for weeks, months and years to come. It is a slow and long burner.

For the above reason, it's essential that when you build a new website, you don't throw away all those indexed blog posts. You need to work with a web designer-developer (like me!) who will ensure your content, AND the URL structure is preserved, so your blogs may continue to bring your leads for the foreseeable future!

6. Connect With People

Writing blogs is an AMAZING way to showcase your voice, your humour and have people start to understand you as a fellow human being: It creates a connection, and this is so important in the buying process.

We all want to support business and people we like by using their products or services. Blogging is a way of demonstrating your attitude online and encouraging people to use your business. So, write your blog like you were speaking with a friend, it will help show you are approachable and confident.

And that's it!

Use the above tips to get you started, and by get started, I mean now.

If you're short on time to blog or get distracted by other more critical tasks, keep reading, we have a SUPER DUPER special for you at the end of this post.

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I hope you've found this valuable, and if you have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear from you.

T'Anne Mills
Director & Web Eggspert


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