How to create an instagram theme to boost your business success

As a business owner, you’re (hopefully) well aware of just how important an online presence is to grow your brand. Social media plays a huge role in online engagement and offers you endless opportunities to get to know your audience and really learn what engages them.  

One of the best platforms for learning about your potential clients, and showing them who you are as a brand, is Instagram. But before you go posting images willy-nilly, consider this: what is the theme of your Instagram account going to be?  

Instagram is a highly visual medium through which you can share relevant images and content on a regular basis that screams your brand. The use of hashtags will help you target specific groups of people, i.e. your potential future customers or clients. There is certainly an art to Instagram, and if you’re going to take it seriously then you’re going to need to do your homework.  

So what do we mean by an Instagram theme?

Here are 4 examples for you to workshop:

  • A colour theme, i.e. black and white, candy colours, white space
  • A subject theme, i.e. clothing, technology, food
  • A location theme, i.e. your neighbourhood or community, city, or country
  • An angle theme, i.e. take photos from above, below etc.  

Creating a consistent colour theme  

If you’ve been running your business for a while, and already have a solid brand in place, it’s likely that you have a palette of colours associated with your company that you use on your website, logos, posters, signage etc.  

When creating a colour theme for your business Instagram account, why not pick one colour associated with your brand and always feature that in the images you share. This will create a consistent, visually appealing look to your account that will help you gain new followers who appreciate the aesthetic.  

A subject theme for Instagram will work wonders for your business if you focus on a single product or service  

If you sell shoes, your business Instagram should be all about shoes – shoes in boxes, models wearing shoes. Steer clear of randomly posting images of your morning coffee or your business lunch meeting. You want it to be 100% obvious to your potential customers that your business sells shoes.  

Location, location, location  

If your business is travel blogging, or community-based, or you’re a photographer – consider creating a location-based Instagram account to help promote your blog or website. For example, if you’re a Perth photographer (even if you photograph a whole range of subjects), try focussing your Instagram posts just on Perth, or Western Australia (or even your community/suburb). This will help you gain a local following relevant to your business.  

Pick an angle, any angle  

If your business deals with a variety of products or services and you can’t pick a single colour or location for your Instagram images, try picking a single angle from which to shoot and showcase your images, e.g. from above, below, or from the side.  

This can be a subtle yet visually pleasing way to theme your Instagram account and gain you new followers and new potential clients and customers.  

If you’re stuck for ideas, all you have to do is Google “Instagram theme ideas” and you’ll be exposed to a huge variety of options for theming your Instagram account. Don’t put this into the ‘too hard basket’ – Instagram is a fun way to stay engaged with your customers and exercise the creative half of your brain – and you will find that you get out what you put in!

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