Improve your business website in 2019

Are you a business owner with an under-performing website that you don’t have time to look at?  

Have you considered how a slow website might be impacting your business success?  

Don’t start another new year with a sub-par website that was out-dated three years ago. Do your business a favour and give your website a fresh face for 2019.  

When evaluating your business website, think about the following factors:  

  • How you use Google
  • What makes a website attractive to a user
  • How long your customers or clients might be willing to wait for your website to load
  • Your business website’s user experience  

How do you use Google?  

Consider how you use Google, whether you’re relaxing at home with your tablet or during your lunch break on your phone. How and when we are searching the internet impacts our browsing behaviour.  

After clicking on a search result in Google, think about how long do you wait for the website to load. You’re likely willing to wait a matter of seconds.  

Now apply this thinking to your business website. How long does it take to load? If it was a different business website, would you be willing to wait that long to view the site when you don’t have much time to spare?  

The magic of a search engine such as Google means that your potential clients and customers are presented with a number of relevant results that match what they are searching for. This means that your business website is competing with other websites that are just as relevant, if not more so, than yours. If your website loads slowly, users are likely to skip straight to the next result, meaning that you lose potential business.  

If your website takes longer than 5 seconds to load, speak to the experts at INCUB8 Web Design about how we can help improve your site’s page speed so you don’t keep losing business.  

What makes a website attractive to a user?

If your business website is slow, appears outdated and/or doesn’t immediately display relevant content or navigation that offers what your visitors are looking for, make no mistake – they will leave your website within moments. Your potential clients or customers are looking for a professional website that loads quickly, looks reputable, and offers the products or services that they require.  

Your website visitors’ time is precious - they don't have time to wait around for your business website to render large and irrelevant images, to read through pages of extraneous information, or search through multiple levels of navigation to find what they are looking for. Everyone has something more important that they should be doing.  

So, what can you do? Contact the web design specialists at INCUB8 Web Design today and talk to us about how you can improve the usability of your website with fast loading times and your most relevant information displayed front and centre!  

How long are your customers or clients willing to wait?  

Research has shown that website speed (loading time or page speed) is a key contributing factor to users leaving a website. If your business website is taking more than a few seconds to load, you could be losing a quarter of your traffic before they’ve ever laid eyes on your website.  

Everyone is time-poor and looking for quick solutions with fast and reliable service. People have high expectations and will feel let-down with your business if your website is underperforming. People make judgement calls about why your company/product/service isn't what they need based on the online experience you offer.  

Talk to INCUB8 Web Design today to improve your online presence.  

Consider your business website user experience  

How good is the user experience your website offers to potential clients or customers? If your site takes more than 3-5 seconds to load you’re most definitely losing business.  

INCUB8 Web Design has the solutions so you don’t have to worry. Have a chat with us – we can help you impress your customers by making your website load faster, look impeccable with great design, and ensure the products and services you offer are highly visible.

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