How to humanise your business website

It goes without saying that not all business websites are created equal. The best websites are perfect down to the very last detail, and all the images, content, and even links come together to create a seductive brand story that potential customers can’t help but follow through to the end. Building an online presence like this is very complicated and involves constant monitoring, maintenance, and money – resources that most business owners would rather invest in actually running their business on the ground.

We get it. The online world is complicated. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great business website if you follow some rules to help you effectively achieve your goals (i.e. selling a product or service, getting social media followers, or collecting potential client contact details).

The three main areas to focus on are your:

  • Home Page
  • About Us Page
  • Products Page

Your business website home page – the heart of your website and your entire digital marketing strategy

The home page is important. It’s likely the very first thing your potential clients and customers will see when they come in contact with your business through a search engine like Google, or through your social media channels. Having said this, it is crucial that these visitors will be able to tell what your business is all about within seconds of landing on your home page. Your hero section needs a headline that is straight to the point and lets them know what your business can do for them – do you offer the services or products that they are looking for?

Another great feature to include on your homepage is (real!) past client or customer testimonials. New visitors to your website want to see what other people like them have to say about your business. What challenge or issue were they trying to address, and how did your business help to solve these challenges/issues? For example:

OCE (The Office Cleaning Experts) approached INCUB8 to help us with a new web design using a content management system so we would be able to make changes to the website ourselves. INCUB8 made the process easy, consulting with us along the way and helping us select the correct images and content to better promote our services. The entire project was completed in under 6 weeks and we are so pleased with the final product.
Simone Truter OCE

INCUB8 Web Design would love to help you create a business home page that captures attention from the very first seconds. Contact us today to find out how we can help – we have so much more advice and finely-tuned skills that we would love to share with you to help your business succeed in this hectic digital world!

Your business website About Us page – tell your story

Your potential clients or customers want to learn more about you, your employees, and your business story. They want to see that the cogs behind this brand are human just like them. This helps to build trust by forming an emotional connection with your website visitors.

Tell your visitors what drove you to create this business, and why you love it. Tell them who you are and what makes you tick. Introduce them to your employees and tell your potential clients/customers why you all make an awesome team. Tell them about your milestones. Share and connect – words and images are powerful tools to help create brand trust.

If words aren’t your strong point, don’t worry – INCUB8 Web Design is here to help you. Our team comes complete with copywriters and web design experts (or eggsperts, as we like to call them) that can make your About Page come to life. Talk to us today!

Your business website Products page/s – now we’re getting down to business!

You don’t necessarily need to have a super-fancy e-commerce website where you can sell your products online – but you do need to showcase your products or services to your potential customers/clients. You need to write great product descriptions that work to convince your website visitors that your products/services are exactly what they require. You want to solve their problems, remember – whether they are looking for someone to paint their house, provide psychological support, or build them a business website (hey – that’s us!).

If your product pages are missing that pizazz and you aren’t seeing a conversion to sales, contact the Perth team at INCUB8 Web Design and let us work our magic on your business website!

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