Choosing a Web Design Team to suit you and your small business

Are you a small business owner looking to increase your online presence? Are you looking for a web design agency that will be able to live up to your standards and expectations? Do you need a dedicated web design team who are there to answer all your questions and provide you with ongoing support?  

Picking the right web design team can be one of the biggest decisions you can make as a business owner, as it will impact the success of your business over the coming months and years. It is therefore critical to make the right decision, but with so many options out there, how can you make the right choice?  

Ask yourself these questions when you are searching for your web design team:  

  • What level of expertise are you looking for?
  • Do they have a website portfolio or examples of previous work?
  • Are they within your budget?
  • Can they provide Digital Marketing services and ongoing support?  

What level of expertise are you looking for?  

If you’ve already done a little bit of research before stumbling across this blog, you will probably be aware that you have a lot of choice when it comes to finding your ideal web design agency. From people creating websites in their home offices with very reasonable (too reasonable, perhaps?!) rates, to multi-million-dollar agencies with hundreds of employees creating online solutions for national and international companies, you really do have all the power when it comes to choosing an agency to suit your exact needs.  

If you are a small business then it's probably a good idea to go with a Web Design Agency that can offer you web hosting services, web design services on a platform such as Wordpress or Joomla (including E-Commerce setup if you need to create an online store), and ongoing Digital Marketing Services.  

The team at INCUB8 Web Design can offer you all of these services and more. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you!  

Do they have a website portfolio or examples of previous work?  

Before choosing a web design agency, it’s important to have a look through their online portfolio, or to be able to ask to see examples of their previous work. If they don't have an online portfolio available, then you should reconsider engaging the agency. If they do – take a look at some of the provided examples. Does the style appeal to you? Are the example sites well-made? Do they function properly? Are they easy to navigate? Will it fit with what you are looking for? For example, INCUB8 Web Design has a great online portfolio on our Web Design page. Here, you can see examples of the websites we have built over the past few years. Why don’t you take a look!  

What are you actually buying?  

You are obviously going to want to choose a web design agency that lies within your budget. The old saying, “you get what you pay for” springs to minds when talking with potential clients who report they can have a website built for $500. Things to consider before signing up for a “cheap website” include;  

  • Are you to own the website?
  • Can you move your website to different hosting?
  • Are the developers going to be available after the build is finished when you need help?
  • Have all the plugin subscriptions been transferred to your business?
  • Will the website be optimised to load fast?
  • Will keyword research be done and assessment of your current website before starting?
  • Will it be built using the latest SEO and security techniques to ensure the longevity of your website and therefore the best ROI?  

Most of the time, with a cheap website, the answer to ALL the above questions will be NO.  

Websites are a business asset and should serve your business well for 2-4 years and as such, it’s important to find out what you really are signing up for. A good web design agency will be totally transparent with their prices, inclusions and talk you through why you should have the features recommended.  

The team at INCUB8 Web Design always supply clients with a fixed price quote so you can see exactly what is included and what everything will cost for your project. And if you have any questions, we are always happy to answer!  

Can they provide Digital Marketing services and ongoing support?  

Many web design companies will be able to provide more services than just straight web design. For example, INCUB8 Web Design also offers Search Engine Optimisation services (including ongoing blogging), Web Hosting, Graphic Design, Software Development, and IT Support.  

Contact the team at INCUB8 Web Design today to learn more about our suite of digital services!

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