Key Elements for a Small Business Website

INCUB8 Web Design is a small Perth business that employs local web designers, developers, IT gurus, and graphic designers who make up a team that delivers web solutions to a wide range of other small and medium-sized businesses in Western Australia.

According to the Small Business Development Corporation, a small business is defined as any business employing 1-19 staff (including sole traders). In WA, small business makes up a whopping 97% of the business sector, and 75% of those are based in Perth.

With so much competition in the small business sector, it’s imperative that your business has an online presence that makes you stand out from the crowd. Some key elements of a great small business website include:

  • A testimonials section that showcases your amazing reviews from happy clients
  • A consistent tone of voice that aligns with your brand identity
  • Upfront pricing so your clients know what they are getting without having to chase you down

INCUB8 Web Design can help you with your small business website. If you are looking for advice, or for a team of dedicated web professionals to provide top quality web services, contact us today!

A testimonials section to showcase your reviews

It’s important that your website has an attractive testimonials section or page where you can upload reviews from clients gathered from Google, your social media channels, or elsewhere.

For instance, the INCUB8 Web Design website has a testimonials section located on the homepage. Some examples of wonderful reviews include:

When you want to focus on your business and leave the technical web stuff to the professionals, I highly recommend T'Anne and her team at INCUB8. Everything from e-mail hosting, website creation and maintenance, website training, design and security. They are always available to help with even the silliest questions and give great advice. Thanks T'Anne and team!

-Shane from Escorted Sports Tours

T'Anne and her team helped us in our business. The level of their service is second to none, and they achieved the objective that we required. Very reasonably priced for the quality of work, and their offering. Would be more than happy to recommend Incub8 to my friends, colleagues and family.


If you need help setting up a functional testimonials section or page on your website, contact the team at INCUB8 today!

A consistent tone of voice that aligns with your brand identity

It’s important for any brand to keep a consistent tone of voice across all online (and offline!) platforms, including your website, blogs, social media, and email campaigns.

This can be tricky! But not impossible. A style guide can really help with keeping a regular tone, and if you don’t have a brand identity at all, now’s the time to think about it! The INCUB8 website maintains a quirky and casual tone of voice that suits our brand identity – what does your website say about your business?

If you need help developing a consistent tone of voice for your business, contact the team at INCUB8 Web Design. We have a great team of web designers and copywriters who can create a brand identity that’s easy to stick to for you and your employees!

Upfront pricing so your clients know what you are offering

Imagine you are searching for a service, and you find a few local options online that seem to suit what you are looking for. A few of the businesses don’t have a website at all, a few others just have a Facebook page, and a couple do have websites. You check out the websites, and both businesses would suit what you need. However, one site tells you nothing about pricing, and the other has a clear price guide that tells you exactly what service they will provide for the amount you will pay.

Chances are, you’re likely to choose the business that clearly displays their prices. Potential customers like businesses that don’t force them to chase down costs. The INCUB8 Web Design website, for example, clearly displays our most popular website and SEO package on the homepage, along with exactly how much this package costs.

If you aren’t displaying your pricing clearly, you may be putting off potential customers. Contact the website experts at INCUB8 Web Design to discuss the best way to give your customers an amazing experience when they visit your business website.

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