A checklist for your small business website

If your small business website isn’t achieving what you need it to, then it may be missing some key elements that are going to drive away your potential clients and customers. To customise your business website, you should make sure the site contains key features and meets standard requirements to improve its usability and makes the best use of screen real estate, including:  

  • Prominent Call-To-Actions buttons or links
  • Regular blogging or news articles
  • Testimonials  

If your website could do with an update, contact the team at INCUB8 Web Design and we can assess what needs to be done! Don’t let your business website under-perform when there are some simple steps we can take to bring it back to the top of its game.  

Prominent Call-to-Action buttons or links  

If one of the top things a potential customer sees when they visit your website isn’t a way to reach out to you, then something is wrong. Website users don’t want to scroll through your entire homepage or trawl your website just to find out how to contact you or find your ‘Get A Quote’ form. This is where Call-To-Action buttons or links come in handy. By having your most important Call-To-Action links right at the top of your homepage your website visitors can quickly and easily find what they are looking for.  

If you need help rearranging your website so that your customers know how to contact you, contact the experts at INCUB8 Web Design today.  

SEO-targeted blogging  

No small business website is complete without a blog/news page where industry-relevant content can be posted on a regular basis. This helps to improve your website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and will help your long-term business goal of getting your website onto the first page of Google.  

If you’re already flat-out running your business and you don’t have time to regularly blog, INCUB8 Web Design can help. Our copywriters can write and post content to your website blog or news page:  

  • Services starting from $150/month for 2 posts
  • 500+ words for each post
  • Keyword-rich SEO blogs
  • High-quality stock image can be included
  • Posting to social media can be included  

Read more about our blogging services and contact INCUB8 today to discuss your SEO blogging requirements.  

Testimonials from past and present clients  

Every custom website should feature testimonials from past and present clients or customers of the business. This lets potential future clients know that your business provides top quality products and/or services.  

An example of a great testimonial that promotes business is from the custom Cut To The Chase Hair Salon website built by INCUB8 Web Design:



This glowing testimonial is featured on the Salon’s homepage and encourages trust and interest from potential customers visiting the site.  

The website specialists at INCUB8 Web Design can help you build a feature testimonial section to showcase on your homepage and throughout your custom business website. Talk to us today!

















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