Professional Custom Websites for Perth Businesses

INCUB8 Web Design has been designing and building high-quality custom websites for Perth businesses for many years, and our latest launch for TFG Group is no exception.

The team at TFG Group required not one website, but three! This company has its head office here in Perth, with branches in both Melbourne and Brisbane. TFG Group has two subsidiaries, Austline and Foodline, both of which required their own site. Each site needed to pack a lot of information without becoming overwhelming, and each site needed to be distinct but also part of a whole.

This suite of websites needed to:

  • Be unique but also part of the same brand
  • Have easy navigation through a wide range of pages

Using colour to create unique websites

Sometimes it can take a little bit of experimentation to figure out a problem in web design. This was the case for our TFG Group suite of websites. Each website needed to be unique, but also obviously part of a whole. This is where the flexibility of web design really shines! The team at INCUB8 Web Design were able to create three websites made distinct through the use of colour, as you can see in the images below:

Screen Shot 2019 03 05 at 10.05.50 am
Screen Shot 2019 03 05 at 10.05.42 am
Screen Shot 2019 03 05 at 10.05.32 am

As you can see, each website is very similar in terms of design, but through the use of colour, each site is also individual. Keeping the design simple, with white text and bold headings, allows each colour to shine through and set each website apart, while also remaining obvious that these sites are related to each other.

To find out how INCUB8 Web Design would make your website unique, allowing your business to stand out from the crowd, contact us today and let’s brainstorm! We have plenty of great ideas ready to go.

Designing easy-to-use navigation

One of the biggest challenges to overcome for the TFG Group websites was navigation. Designing functional navigation can be tricky when you are dealing with lots of pages filled with content (the main TFG Group website has over 30 individual pages!). It’s important to keep it simple when it comes to menus, and so the main menu for TFG Group has only seven items: Home, Our Profile, Foodline, Austline, Services, News, and Contact Us. These items represent the information that website visitors are most likely looking for when they visit the TFG Group website. More specific information can be found in drop-down menus (e.g., under “Our Profile”) or in grids on the pages themselves (e.g., “Services”).

If your business website has confusing navigation, it is likely that you’re losing potential customers who can’t easily find the specific information they are looking for. Contact the team at INCUB8 Web Design today, and we can help you redesign your website.

INCUB8 Web Design for Professional Custom Business Websites

No matter if your business is in steel fabrication, floristry, or hairdressing, INCUB8 Web Design can design and build a custom business website for you. From a single landing page to large, multi-page websites like TFG Group, INCUB8 Web Design can create a functional and visually appealing site that your clients and customers will love. Contact us today to discuss your website requirements!

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