A new web design for Pegasus Painting

Recently we launched a new website for Pegasus Painting. When we met with Sam, he wanted a website that was more professional and showcased the standard of work delivered by the Pegasus Painting team. Read on below for a sneak peak at what we delivered and more importantly, the WHY behind some design decisions.

Goal Number One: The website layout needed to be clean, mobile responsive, make good use of screen real estate, be easy to navigate and showcase images of the before and after photos from Pegasus Painting. Making the user experience on the website a pleasant one is crucial. If your website is clunky, hard to navigate or just looks plain awful - especially if you're in the design and decorating business - you're going to turn customers away before you ever have the chance of providing a quote! Mission Accomplished? You be the judge!


Website home pages play a strong marketing role, it's imperative that you make it easy for visitors to call or enquire.

Starting in the header, at the very top of the website, along with Pegasus Painting logo, you'll see an obvious “Get A Quote” button and contact information. This header remains consistent on all pages as calls to action for prospective clients. The “Get A Quote” button links immediately to an enquiry form - no wasted time sending visitors to a contact page to search for where to make contact or submit a quote request.

In the web design, we used a traditional horizontal menu, split by their eye-catching logo in the centre to really push their branding.  On mobile, we used a more subdued header and easy to access navigation via the hamburger menu. We expect the percentage of users on mobile devices to continue to increase each year by about 5-10%, so it essential that web designs consider mobile users FIRST.

On the home page we prominently feature keyword-rich text to help with SEO and to make it easy for visitors to see their main services:

  • House Painters & House Painting Perth
  • Professional Painters
  • Commercial Painters & Industrial Painters
  • Roof Painting & Roof Restoration

Below this, we incorporated some social proof, why people should choose Pegasus Painting and a large gallery with content drawn from Instagram. The Instagram gallery makes it simple for Sam to include new images and content on the home page - just by posting to Instagram - rather than having pay for ongoing updates to the home page.

If you need a painter, visit the Pegasus Painting website and give Sam a call, if you need a web designer in Perth, call INCUB8!

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