Create twelve months of SEO-centric blog post topics in one afternoon

A stress-free and easy to follow SEO-centric, web content development strategy that you can use in your own business to develop 12 months of blog post topics in one afternoon.

I'm not bragging, but this afternoon, I built INCUB8's entire year of content topics. OK, maybe bragging a little... But guess what? It was EASY. That's probably because it's my fourth year doing it - and that kind of time, mixed with trial and error has helped me create a super simple system to plan out all of our Web Eggsperts blog posts for all of 2017. Want to know how to do it for your own business? Then, read on!


We all know why regular posting/blogging is important, it's a vital component of SEO (search engine optimisation). This methodology is designed to help you plan out a year of blogging in a few hours and to get that oh-so-important fresh content on your website.

So to get you started, we've developed a free templated workbook for you to use - you can sign up and download it here (we'll email it to you right away).

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Got your workbook? Great! Time to turn off distractions and let's get started!

Step One: Themes

If you're using the workbook, start with the Content Themes page. If you're running this one freehand, list out the months down the left side of a page and next to each month and write a broad topic that your ideal customers would be interested in learning about.

A content theme should be something that relates to one of your core business offerings, the areas you help your customers with and topics that you know like the back of your hand. So for INCUB8, that looks something like this:

content themes

Using themes will allow you to create multiple pieces of content on a topic that you want to increase traffic and website rank for. Just think of all those juicy keywords and phrases that will be added to your website for Google to discover!

Step Two: Brainstorm

Take each content theme and write it in the center of a blank page for brainstorming. In the workbook, we've provided 12 pages with a cloud in the center of the page for you to use. Think about what questions you regularly answer for customers on this topic. What are the industry trends or best practice? What can you teach or show your customers how to do themselves? Remember, sharing knowledge is key for building trust with potential customers. Aim to have at least 6 topics related to your theme that you could write a few paragraphs on.

Step Three: Schedule

Pick your strongest 2-4 topics for each theme, open your diary/calendar and block out an hour or two per week (4 blog posts a month) or fortnight (2 blog posts a month) adding a different topic against each date. E voila! No more writer's block!

Step Four: Relax

I know I said there were four steps, but really, there is only three. Bonus! Just by reading this, you're already 25% more productive. Now pat yourself on the back, do some yoga, cuddle your dog/cat/human, take a walk or pour a vino - whatever your chill our ritual is because you're all set for a year of blogging! Congrats!

Of course, if new topics or trends in your theme come up - of course, you can substitute them in. This system is designed to stop the writer's block and paralysis that stems from wondering 'What should I write about?'. Simples.

If you need help with search engine optimisation, inbound strategy, content marketing or all of the above, please get in touch. We'd love to help.

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