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The team here at INCUB8 Web Design have been so busy launching new websites in the past few months that we’ve barely had time to write about anything else here on our blog! If you’re interested in reading about our latest website launches, see our dedicated posts:

INCUB8 Web Design have provided these awesome businesses, schools, and organisations with a wide range of services custom website design services, including: 

  • Putting their products and services front and centre
  • Custom content and SEO services
  • Mobile responsive design

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INCUB8 Web Design – Criminal Lawyers’ Association of WA website design, build & launch

This year, INCUB8 Web Design have had the pleasure of working with the Criminal Lawyers’ Association of WA (CLAWA) to develop their new website.  

This was a multi-faceted project that involved pulling together various web design elements to create a website not only for use by the general public but also by CLAWA’s members.  

In this post, we will take a closer look at some of the most important aspects of CLAWA’s new website, including:  

  • The homepage
  • The Member’s Directory
  • The member area  

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INCUB8 Web Design launches new Perth Psychological Services Website

INCUB8 Web Design is proud to announce the launch of the new custom website for our wonderful client Perth Psychological Services (PPS).  

Perth Psychological Services are one of Perth’s largest Clinical Psychology private practices, as described on their fresh new website, and are ‘a diverse and caring team that can assist you with assessment and therapy across a wide range of psychological issues.’  

As you can probably imagine, the PPS website needed to emit a sense of openness and calm to a wide range of current and potential clients, from people suffering from depression, grief, and anxiety to gender identity and reproductive concerns.  

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Get Ahead with INCUB8 Web Design

It can be hard to keep ahead of the competition in today’s fast-paced business world. And when you add the stress of your online business presence (think websites, social media, blogging, SEO and SEM…the list goes on!) things can quickly seem overwhelming, especially if you are a small business that doesn’t have the time or resources to dedicate to cultivating that online business persona that is so important in the 21st Century.

But don’t stress – this is exactly why INCUB8 Web Design exists!

Our web design and digital marketing teams are here to support you and your business through all the difficulties of getting your business seen and heard online.

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INCUB8 Web Design launches new WA Fibreglass Pools website

INCUB8 Web Design has recently launched the new iteration of the WA Fibreglass Pools custom business website. Before we take a look at the site, we’d like to say a quick thank you to WA Fibreglass Pools for being such an amazing client to work with!

Our web designers have included a number of features in the new WA Fibreglass Pools custom website that we’d like to discuss in this blog, including:

  • A static hero section with sliding headers
  • A feature video 
  • A filterable product grid for easy searching

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