How to Tell the Difference between a Good Password and a Weak One

We all use passwords everyday and are often told that they need to be strong to safeguard against the bad guys getting access to our precious information.

However, passwords are troublesome beasts that get in the way of doing our daily business, they are hard to remember and we are supposed to use a different one for each location......but we are human and so we pick easy to remember ones and re-use them as often as we can.

"One password fits all!", we cry.

This article will try and solve the two problems that we have with passwords:

  • How to create a good password.
  • How to remember lots of different passwords.

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Eggciting News!

egg-headI've got some eggciting news! Here at INCUB8, thanks to the growing business from our clients, our IT support division has been rapidly expanding. To streamline the support process for you and provide you with the best service possible, we've made a few changes.

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Save up to 99% on Email Total Cost of Ownership

zimbra hosted enterprise emailEmail is the most valuable business tool you have. It is used for communication, collaboration and file sharing. Studies show that workers spend somewhere from 28-61% of their day using email. For a normal 8 hour day, that's can be almost 5 hours! So you can do the maths to work out the cost to your business when email is down.

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Organic reach via Facebook for pages to hit 0%?

For a number of years, having a Facebook page has been the marketing/blogging option of choice for many businesses as it provided a great mechanism for companies to connect with their customers. Sadly, recent changes to the way Facebook presents posts from company pages means those days are over and now, more than ever, you need to blog on your own website.

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Applied Digital & IT Toolbox have joined forces

Web Design Perth | Web Eggspert | Custom Software Development PerthFrom the beginning of September 2012 Applied Digital and IT Toolbox have combined to form the INCUB8 Group.
The new group consists of three divisions –

INCUB8 Web Design (formerly IT Toolbox)
INCUB8 Applications & Hosting
INCUB8 Development (formerly Applied Digital)

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Australia in top 6 spam countries world-wide?

analysis-based anti-spamIn a new report released by AVG, Australia has been listed as the 6th largest source of spam internationally. The US tops the list (42.2%) followed by Great Britain (8.5%), Germany (5.1%), France (4.6%), Brazil (3.4%) and then Australia at 4.1% for the period of April to June 2012. 

Yuval Ben-Itzhak, AVG's chief technology officer said “It could be compromised email servers, compromised machines, that are sending spam”.

“The spammers don't want to send it from their own servers because they will be shut down immediately. So they use spam malware and it is not a malware that is necessarily trying to steal anything from you as an individual, but basically using your computer and mostly the IP address to send spam around the world."

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