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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of tuning a website to:

  • deliver a good user experience, and
  • better inform search engines about your business, products and services

And guess why Google keep changing the way they rank websites? Because they are trying to reliably deliver the information people are searching for. BAM! There it is; Build a website with people in mind that is clear, loads fast and, delivers the information your customers are looking for - and you're on your way to being found in Google.

Turning up on page one of Google is a looooong term game. It takes commitment to:

  • consistently improve your website
  • improve and create new content
  • having your content linked to and shared by others keeping visitors on your website longer, and
  • thousands of other metrics that Google tracks...

Do not despair. We can help! We have a proven track record in getting clients on to page one.

If you're not turning up in Google, how are new customers going to find you?

Get SEO Ready - $399

This is a great entry level package that includes:

  • Optimised Google My Business listing to get you on Google now
  • Keyword research to work out which keywords you should be incorporating into your SEO strategy
  • Website review with a list of recommendations to improve the SEO performance of your website
  • Integration of Google Search Console with your website so you can see how your website is performing on Google

Local SEO from $600/month

If you're looking to dominate Google for search for your products or services in the local area, Local SEO is essential.

Our monthly SEO will target relevant keywords to get your website onto page one of Google's organic search result. Why's this important? Because any old SEO hack can get you on page one of Google for obscure keywords. We'll focus only on the words that are going to bring you qualified leads.

Transparency about our services and monthly reporting come standard!

Digital Marketing

Google Adwords & Remarketing

If you want to be seen on page one of Google right now, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising using Google AdWords and search engine optimised content is the fastest way to get there.

Starting from $150/month + advertising budget

We use highly specific keywords, negative keywords and exciting, keyword-rich ads as part of your campaign to ensure you have the lowest possible cost per click, and that your ads are targeted to your intended audience.

Google Remarketing & Facebook Retargeting can also be used to continue to show ads to people have visted your website, to keep your business, products and services front of mind. Have you ever researched a product online, only to have ads for it follow you like an online stalker? Google Remarketing & Facebook Retargeting are those stalkers.

Ongoing Content Creation / Blog Writing

"Content is KING!" - Bill Gates, 1996

Yep, that phrase was coined by Bill Gates back in 1996. Here we are, more than 20 years later and those words still ring true.

One of the most important marketing and SEO strategies is to regularly develop new and relevant content. If you are short on time to consistently produce quality content for your website, INCUB8 can help.

Our team includes skilled copywriters and graphic designers who can research and develop new content ready for you to include on your website and share via social media.

Perfect for the business owner or marketing manager that has enough on their plate without having to worry about website content.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Would you like our help to pull it all together and keep your digital marketing on track?
With an INCUB8 Digital Marketing Strategy, your online presence will be tamed and made to work for you & your business.
Stage One: Identify your audience.

Develop an understanding your demographics by:

  • Reviewing your website analytics data
  • Interviewing or surveying current & past customers
  • Meeting with your sales & marketing team to get their feedback
Stage Two: Demonstrate understanding to create a connection.

Using your target audience information gathered in stage one, we will create buyer personas and document the journey they go through when deciding to buy your product or service.

  • What is the pain point or reason they first decide they might need your product or service?
  • How are they feeling at this time and what can you say or do to demonstrate compassion and understanding?
  • What questions do they need answered when researching your product or service?
  • What might be the deciding factors, the lynch pins, in making the decision?
  • How can you demonstrate you are better than your competitors in these deciding factors?

one we really understand your customers, when we can walk in their shoes, understand why they are looking for your products or services, how they are feeling & speak their language, we can develop content to relate to them. Relating creates a connection and trust.

Stage Three: Develop content that closely follows the buyer's journey.

Develop a flow of information for visitors to follow, based on buyer journeys, to cover:

  • Education: I have this problem, how do I solve it?
  • Solution Understood: OK, I know what I need, who can help me?
  • Decision Time: Who best understands me or has the product/service most closely aligned to my wants and needs?
  • Ready to Buy: How can I contact / sign up / purchase?

Having content to support each stage of the buyer's thought process (buyer's journey) shows that you get them and helps create trust.

Stage Four: World class website.

Design and build, or optimise your current website to convert more visitors to customers by making sure it:

  • Loads fast
  • Works well on mobiles
  • Funnels people to specific content based on who they are
  • Makes contact effortless
  • Demonstrates understanding and humanity
  • Showcases great branding & memorable design
  • Uses thoughtful content presented with real voice
Stage Five: Use Opt-ins.

Offer great content in exchange for a name and email address, then use automated marketing tools to stay in touch with these prospective leads.

Stage Six: PPC & Remarket or Retarget

Use Google and Social Media Advertising to display online ads to visitors who have been on your website (and not purchased/enquired), to encourage them back to your website.

Stage Seven: New content.

Create and share new content regularly to mailing lists and social media to drive traffic back to your website.

Stage Eight: Review.

What's working? Let's do more of that.

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