So, you're a business owner looking for a website that pulls its weight?

Me too.

Hi there!

I'm T'Anne, and I'm a business owner.

Not so long ago, I was working sixty plus hours a week, chugging down coffee to function in the morning, drinking wine at night to counteract all that caffeine and adrenaline so I could sleep. Every waking moment was spent scrambling to find enough work to keep my business afloat.

It was affecting my home life - what little there was of it. My husband had to put up with a lot. He was relegated to third place after work and our pets, and I was always 'in a mood'.

I always felt tired, and my anxiety was starting to manifest physically creating a negative feedback loop - I was spiralling downward, fast.

T'Anne Mills
INCUB8 Director & Web Eggspert
I would lay awake in bed at night, listening to my husband and dogs quietly snoring, thinking,
"There has to be an easier way!"
And I had a thought...

What if I didn't have to look for customers?
What if they came to me via our website?

Life would be very different if I had a consistent source of customers coming to me.

  • I wouldn't have to hope our existing clients would recommend enough new business to us each month.
  • No more cold calling people who didn't want to speak to me.
  • No more networking events trying to figure out if the person I was talking with could be a potential client.
  • I could maybe, just maybe, work a normal week, spend quality time with my husband, have time to walk the dogs and rediscover the happy-go-lucky me that seemed to have disappeared.
  • AND, how great would it be to take time off, knowing that new sales would flow into my business without my involvement?
Fair to say, it would be a game changer.

The very next morning, I started researching & planning.

I read blogs & books, enrolled in webinars, did online courses, attended seminars, spoke to people who were doing well online - digesting and learning all I could about digital marketing.

I realised, simply having a website was no 'Field of Dreams - if you build it, he will come' (showing my age).

A website amongst billions of others on the internet was not going to have the phone ringing off the hook and customers knocking down the door.

Our website needed to be amazing, it needed to speak to people and to sit the heart of a digital marketing strategy: Getting people to our site so I would have a chance at converting the sale.

While our site was getting some traffic, it wasn't connecting with the visitors, giving them what they wanted, demonstrating that we understood them, and ultimately they would leave, never to be heard from.

So after months of reading and learning, my plan looked something like this:

Step One: Design and build a website to converts more visitors to customers by:

  • Loading fast
  • Working well on mobiles
  • Funnelling people to specific content based on who they are
  • Making contact effortless
  • Demonstrating understanding and our humanity
  • Showcasing great branding & memorable design
  • Thoughtful content presented with real voice

Step Two: Offer great content for free with opt-ins (sign up forms) and use automated marketing tools to stay in touch with these prospective leads.

Step Three: Remarket or Retarget visitors who have been on the website via Google and Social Media Advertising to encourage them back to our website.

Step Four: Create and share new content regularly to mailing lists and social media to drive traffic back to our website.

Step Five: Review what's working and do more of that.

I was sceptical & didn't think it would work...

I mean, there are hundreds if not thousands of companies out there doing this and way ahead of us in the game.

But deep down I knew...

No Action = No Change

I couldn't keep going the way I was without losing my mind, my husband or my business - and maybe all three.

So I persisted...

And that was seven years ago.

Today, thanks to following my plan, INCUB8 is a thriving and expanding business. We have great & happy staff. I'm working less than forty hours a week. I take time off for holidays. My husband still loves me (most days), and I drink coffee and wine for pleasure - not necessity.

I am thankful every day for starting on this journey. I enjoy my work - I don't know many people that can say that. My ongoing research continues to provide insight and competitive advantage for INCUB8 and our customers.

The reason I still do this...

Is to help business owners benefit from what I've learned.

  • To stress less
  • Improve their sales pipelines & funnels, and most importantly
  • Change their lives outside of work

Isn't that the reason why we work? To fund a life for ourselves and our families.

I'd love to help you. You can contact me directly here.


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Please include your name, it's more polite than "Hey, you!"
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