So, you're a marketing manager looking for a website that delivers a return on investment?

Me too.

Hi there!

I'm T'Anne, INCUB8's Marketing Manager and just like you, I need a website that brings in leads. I've worked with hundreds of companies to increase sales through overhauling their online presence and digital marketing strategy.

Is your website under performing? Do you need your website to attract more traffic and improve the conversion of website visitors to enquiries?

Are you overwhelmed? Do you have only a small in-house team? Or has your team been downsized (or completely lost) due to the tight market? Run off your feet? Constantly feeling pressure to deliver more from marketing? Worried about how the competition seems to always be a step ahead in digital marketing?

T'Anne Mills
INCUB8 Director & Marketing Manager
You need a solution...

What if your website brought in qualified leads?
What if you set the bar for your industry online?
What if you had a team of eggsperts working to keep you ahead of the game?

Work could be very different if your marketing activities delivered more leads.

  • Praise instead of pressure from the sales team, your manager and/or directors.
  • More time to focus on being strategic rather than reactive.
  • Leading the competition rather than striving to catch up.
  • Less working in the evenings and on the weekend to stay on top of work.
  • AND, actually enjoying work, finding time to talk to your team and colleagues, taking a breath now and then instead of always rushing.
Fair to say, it would be a game changer?

The digital marketing space has shifted.

No longer can you build a website, dust your hands off and leave it for a year (or two or three). Setting up a Facebook page, or business Instagram account are not enough.

Simply having a website and social media presence is no 'Field of Dreams: If you build it, he will come' (showing my age).

A website amongst millions of others on the internet, and a social media account amongst billions is not going to have the phone ringing off the hook and customers knocking down the door.

Your website needs to be amazing, it needs to speak to people and to sit the heart of a digital marketing strategy: Getting people to your site so you have a chance at converting the sale.

While your site may be getting some traffic, is it:

  • Connecting with visitors?
  • Giving them what they want?
  • Demonstrating that you understood them?
  • Or, are they leaving, never to be heard from again?

You need a digital marketing strategy.

Step One: Identify your audience.
  • Understand your demographics
  • Review your website analytics data
  • Interview or survey current & past customers
Step Two: Demonstrate your understanding to create a connection.

Use your target audience information to create buyer personas. Understand the journey they go through when deciding to buy your product or service.

  • What is the pain point or reason they first decide they might need your product or service?
  • How are they feeling at this time and what can you say or do to demonstrate compassion and understanding?
  • What questions do they need answered when researching your product or service?
  • What might be the deciding factors, the lynch pins, in making the decision?
  • How can you demonstrate you are better than your competitors in these deciding factors?

When you really understand your customers, when you can walk in their shoes, understand why they are looking for your products or services, how they are feeling & speak their language, you can relate to them. Relating creates a connection and trust.

Step Three: Develop content that closely follows the buyer's journey.

Creating a flow of information for visitors to follow from:

  • Education: I have this problem, how do I solve it?
  • Solution Understood: OK, I know what I need, who can help me?
  • Decision Time: Who best understands me or has the product/service most closely aligned to my wants and needs?
  • Ready to Buy: How can I contact / sign up / purchase?

Having content to support each stage of the buyer's thought process (buyer's journey) shows that you get them and helps create trust.

Step Four: World class website.

Design and build a website to converts more visitors to customers by:

  • Loading fast
  • Working well on mobiles
  • Funnelling people to specific content based on who they are
  • Making contact effortless
  • Demonstrating understanding and humanity
  • Showcasing great branding & memorable design
  • Thoughtful content presented with real voice
Step Five: Use Opt-ins.

Offer great content in exchange for a name and email address, then use automated marketing tools to stay in touch with these prospective leads.

Step Six: Remarket or Retarget

Use Google and Social Media Advertising to display online ads to visitors who have been on your website (and not purchased/enquired), to encourage them back to your website.

Step Seven: New content.

Create and share new content regularly to mailing lists and social media to drive traffic back to your website.

Step Eight: Review.

What's working? Let's do more of that.

Sceptical? Don't think this will work?

I know, your competitors are out there doing this and are ahead of you now.

But deep down you know...

Something needs to be done to bring about positive change. In lead generation. In reducing the pressure. In loving your job again.

No Action = No Change

The status quo is not going to cut it.

Everyone's a winner...

Lead the way and let the competition chase you.
Demonstrate to your boss, to your colleagues and to yourself that you can make a BIG difference to your company.
Smile as you go to work, knowing you are a success.

The reason we do this...

Is to help marketing managers benefit from what we've learned from building our own business online. We want to help you to:

  • Stress less
  • Improve your sales pipelines & funnels, and most importantly
  • Change your life inside, & often outside, of work

After all, isn't that the reason why we're here? To find a job we enjoy in order to fund a life for ourselves and our families.

We'd love to help you. You can contact us here.


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Please include your name, it's more polite than "Hey, you!"
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