Our Services

With more than 100 years of IT industry experience our team can provide knowledgable, professional advice across a broad range of topics

Software Development

We develop software to automate business processes, for ecommerce and even to control and instrument mining equipment using tools as diverse as PHP, Javascript, Ruby, C++ and Visual Studio. Let us help hatch your ideas!


We provide secure cloud hosting for customer applications. Our hosting includes redundant hardware, daily offsite backups, and system monitoring. We can manage your server infrastructure for you.

IT Support

We offer fully managed IT support providing onsite staff for systems administration, right through to experienced system architects to redesign your network. We specialise in renovating systems to meeting the ACSC Essential 8 guidelines providing best practice cyber security.

Peter Davies

Senior Developer

Originally starting with Commerce at UWA Peter is now focused principally on Software development. Peter has experience with C, C++, PHP, Javascript and several SQL server variants. Peter started in the computer industry in 1987.

Brock Trappit

Senior Developer

Qualified originally with Engineering and Chemistry degrees with Honours from UWA Brock now holds his own as an experienced software developer. He has extensive experience with Ruby-on-Rails, Python, PHP, and Javascript and has experience working in and leading large development teams.

Tim Davies

Senior Developer

Another Engineering and Science Honours graduate of UWA Tim has worked as a developer for more than 25 years; his experience ranges from sophisticated business process systems , GPS mapping application and even automated wear measurement systems. Tim loves complex problems and novel solutions.

Colin Jupp

Senior Technical Support

Colin entered the computer industry in 2001 as a licensed cabler and rapidly progressed to installing and managing switching, routing and VOIP infrastructure for numerous corporate customers. Colin's experience now encompasses Linux, Windows and Office 365 administration, data center operations and high density wireless network installation planning and troubleshooting.

Rohit Wagh


Rohit, a University of Melbourne graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics Engineering, has honed his skills at Incub8. His passion for software development and backend design is evident in his primary work interests. Alongside his professional role, Roy has dedicated his time to volunteering, teaching high schoolers Arduino programming. He's also an enthusiastic self-learner, delving into AI subjects like machine learning, neural networks, and support vector machines.

Nathan Harvey


Nathan, a graduate of the University of Melbourne, has a Bachelor of Science, specialising in Computing and Software Systems. Currently midway through a Masters of Software Engineering at the same university, Nathan continues to enhance his expertise in the field. While he may be new to the professional sphere, his passion lies in algorithms and backend development, reflecting a keen interest in the intricacies of system processes.

Charles Lee

Technical Support

Charlie originates from Berkshire, UK, and holds a BA in Cyber Security. With a background of six years in a non-profit, he progressed from IT Support to IT Manager, and he has been a valuable member of the Incub8 team for four years. His expertise covers Linux, Windows, Mac, both on desktops and servers. He has a wide-range of system knowledge. Beyond work, Charlie finds fascination in AI, astronomy, and quadcopter flying.

Chloe Wilkie

Systems Administrator / Desktop Support

Scott Dredge

Systems Adminisrator / Desktop Support

Scott, an integral member of the Tranby college team, has a Cert IV in Software Development. He has a particular passion for Web Development and Python Scripting. His role encompasses both helpdesk support and application development, where he leverages his passion to enhance efficiency across MacOS, Windows and Office 365 environments. Scott’s previous role involved prototyping and developing a night sky brightness sensor using Arduino, of which 73 were made and deployed across Bundaberg turtle nesting areas.

Saifudin Badani

Systems Administrator / Desktop Support

Saifudin, part of the Tranby College team, holds a Masters of Information Systems. His current role involves network and application development in a Windows environment, and he's well-versed in Microsoft 365. Outside of work Saifudin enjoys reading and gaming.

Sam Davies

Accounts / Payroll

Samantha is the person we all love - she makes sure we all get paid (and that the numbers add up).

With a house-full of young boys and a degree in education, Sam knows how to keep things organised! Samantha's organisational ability is a much valued skill that seems to be mutually exclusive to the nerd skills found in most of our other team members.

What clients say

We work hard to keep our clients happy over the long term. Many of our relationships, some reach back a decade or even two
Apostle Spring Water

Apostle Spring Water

Josh Morton

"After working with two previous companies at great expense with no success, our third attempt was approached with extreme prejudice and skepticism. Peter and his team at INCUB8 managed our trepidation with professionalism and transparency. Providing complete oversight through the building of the system and very early on in the project it became abundantly clear that INCUB8 had a comprehensive understanding of our business model and processes. Our confidence in INCUB8 grew, especially when faced with complex coding requirements and their solutions were simple cost effective and allowed a platform for future growth of our business. The end result is an extremely powerful piece of software that has provided us with more function, control and most importantly more time. I am more than happy with our experience with INCUB8 and will continue to use them in the future"

Chris Mills Performance

Chris Mills Performance

Reece Mills

"Having surivived on a DOS based system for 20 years, we knew we had to start looking for alternatives that would better integrate with modern systems and allow for growth of our business online. We assessed a number of proprietary systems and found that they were either too simple or hugely expensive.

The custom system allows us to better map our processes into the software, rather than us changing the way we do things to satisfy the software.

The INCUB8 team were supportive and easy to deal with through out the project, and continue to assist us with further changes and tweaks. We found the developers to be flexible and innovative in helping us to continue improving our software to meet our needs."

RCT Global

RCT Global

Bob Muirhead

"We learnt about INCUB8 some years ago and initially engaged them to assist with DEVOPS in RCT’s product development.
The relationship and respect for a small team with powerful capability has continued to impress us. The breadth of knowledge and independent thinking INCUB8 brings to RCT is of immeasurable benefit to RCT’s DEV team as a whole.

I personally appreciate being able to talk to Peter and Brock about a broad range of software DEV matters and issues, their perspective is always enlightening.

We engaged INCUB8 as a consultant to assist with team building RCT software development, so often consultants under deliver. I am pleased to say INCUB8 not only assisted the management but the team as a whole."