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Web Design. Digital Marketing. Software Development. IT Support.

  We're here to make technology work for your business.
INCUB8 are more than just websites or software or support, we deliver turn-key IT solutions comprising of a mix of services across our Website Design & Digital Marketing, Software Development, IT Support and Hosted Services divisions. When you get stuck and need to ask someone, "How can I make this work?", if it is IT related, chances are we've done it before or know how to bring you the solution.

 INCUB8 [ˈɪnkjʊˌbeɪt] vb. To develop and hatch.
This is what we mean by INCUB8; looking after you business as if it were our own, delivering service well and doing it right the first time, being around to help after the job is done, referring other clients to you who might use your business services or products, treating our friends (that's you!) as more than just a meal ticket and above all, having fun and a laugh along the way.


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Office 34 Welshpool Road, Welshpool 6106

All of our eggsperts come to you - physically or telecommute.

Early on we decided not to outlay large amounts of money on a snazzy office - and you wouldn't be impressed by that anyway, right?

We're unlike other Digital Agencies. See, we figured we would hire local staff, pay them well and let them avoid peak hour traffic rather than spend the money on fancy corporate headquarters, pay people peanuts (or outsource overseas) and force them to sit in traffic for hours each day. You want to work for us now, don't you?

INCUB8 - Supporting shop local, less carbon, happier people.

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