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Hosted Services

Hosted Services

Work Smarter, Work Faster. INCUB8's hosted services will assist you in running your business better from whenever, wherever.

The age of digital and telecommuting is here. You no longer have to be tied to an office with a rack of physical servers hosting all of your data and information. Hey, we're proof of that concept!

We put our eggspertise to good use to set up the services that we needed to run our own business and now we can share them with you. Our hosted services are finely tuned and working at their optimum (because we couldn't tolerate anything less), so you definitely won't have to worry about access and availability. If you need website hosting, corporate secure email hosting, a hosted spam filtering service, hosted indexed mail archiving (IMA) or cloud-hosted virtuals, then we'd love to have a chat about how we can assist!

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Why Choose INCUB8?


Our entire website team lives right here in Perth, Western Australia and we love it! We want to employ locals and support local business - keeping Australian dollars here in our economy (we don't contract out to offshore companies).
Although we're based in Perth, we have customers around Australia in Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide and regional WA. In the age of telecommuting, we're only a Skype call away.


We can host your email, website, look after your domain and DNS, manage your cloud-based servers, archive your email for prosperity and give spam the flick. So BYO laptop and we will provide the back office for you to launch your business in the digital age. As you grow, you can add services and accounts to meet your needs without large and upfront capital expense. Like our name suggests, we want to help INCUB8 your business and for us, that means doing it right and being available to help when you need it.

 Experienced EGGSPERTS

We've been in this game for more than 15 years. Most of the senior tech team have been working in IT since before the internet - when dinosaurs roamed the Earth according to some of our younger eggsperts! And because INCUB8 is not just about hosted services, we can deliver turn-key IT solutions (in case you missed it, we also do Websites Software Development, IT Consulting and IT Support). When you get stuck and need to ask someone, "How can I make this work?", if it is IT related, chances are we've done it before or know how to bring you the solution.


We take your website security seriously. At INCUB8 we completely understand your business operates online - so high availability and security are paramount. Rest assured, our eggsperts work tirelessly to deliver robust services and employ the most update to date security measures.


 Web Hosting

Regardless of the size of your business, or the industry you are in, at INCUB8 we understand that your website needs to stay available 24 x 7. To help deliver this, INCUB8 offers two levels of website hosting for you to choose from. Our business-grade hosting includes everything you need to host a website securely: a maintained hosting platform/servers located in secure data centres, nightly backups and redundancy PLUS we install a website specific firewall tool to stop the most common malicious attacks.

For those who need absolute peace of mind, our premium website hosting provides monitoring and patching by INCUB8's crack team of web eggsperts. This service includes installing tools to advise when security updates are required, logging in to perform those updates and monitoring your website for unexpected file changes or behaviour. We also guarantee that if your website is compromised through an outdated system or plugin while using our premium website hosting service, that all costs associated with recovering your website will be borne by INCUB8.


Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device. INCUB8's corporate secure email & cloud hosted email delivers your Mailbox, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Files and much more on any device: Smartphone, Tablet or iPad and Desktop or Laptop Computer running Windows, Linux or OS X. INCUB8 are proud Hosted Zimbra Email & Zimbra Business Service Providers.

 HOSTED Spam Filtering SERVICE

INCUB8's industrial strength hosted spam filtering service takes a no-nonsense approach to dealing with spam or unsolicited email. We recognise that email is a mission critical application for all businesses and as such, we have designed our hosted spam filter to take control of email flowing into your organisation. We're proud to boast that INCUB8s' email spam filtering service captures 99% of spam to allow you to get on with your business communications.

 HOSTED Indexed Mail Archiving

If you've ever lost an email, then you already understand the benefits of mail archiving. INCUB8's cloud-based, indexed mail archiving service takes a copy of all your inbound and outbound communication and files it away methodically. It allows business owners to search through ALL of your email (all accounts) regardless of the destination, origin or user via a web-interface.

In a recent audit by the ATO, a well-known WA company was unable to substantiate a claim because critical communication contained in an email had been deleted when an employee left and their mailbox was deleted. Needless to say, indexed mail archiving would have prevented this problem.

 Cloud Computing / Hosted Servers & STORAGE

Hosting in professional, climate-controlled data centres with redundant power, internet and hardware with a choice of operating systems and manual or automatic failover. INCUB8 manage 6 weeks of backups and our Linux/Unix & MS Windows server eggsperts are available to provide support when needed.

 Domain & DNS Hosting

We offer domain registration and DNS hosting to complement your INCUB8 hosted services and other service requirements. This allows you to keep all your IT requirements in one place, so you only have one company to call to "make it work".

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